British Council Here you can find podcasts and videos with comprehension exercises
BBC There are different types of exercises to practice listening skills and pronunciation. The activities are varied and you can find podcasts, you can download the tapescripts of some texts, there are pronunciation quizes, you can just listen to the news, etc
BBC School Radio There are podcasts, fables, fairy tales with downloadable audio files and the tapescripts
English Central is a website with subtitled videos of different kinds.
ESL VIDEO is a website where you can find different types of videos (from songs to speeches, ads, etc) with multiple choice self-correcting exercises
esl - lab Here you can watch TV series and films in English. And it's free!
TED lessons


British Council Teens On this website you can find simple explanations together with interactive exercises. Also, you may find information about current topics, advice for exams, listening exercises, interesting videos and a lot more.
British Council This is a website for people of all ages where you can find explanations, exercises and quizes to practise
British Council ESOL Videos with grammar presentations
My English pages with grammar explanations and exercises. There are also reading and listening exercises, however it's not very useful to practise vocabulary unless you are looking for vocabulary lists on specific topics.


BBC writing In this website you can find different types of exercises to improve your writing skills
British Council - Writing practice


  • Science

NASA KIDS Here you can find quizes, games and interesting information
National Geographic Kids Again some interesting information and facts
Wicked Science. Interactive exercises to learn about the Earth.
BBC Earth
  • History

BBC History
History Channel USA
Native American Indian Legends Plenty of short texts to read about Indian legends from different peoples.

  • Other topics

Lyrics TrainingYou have to fill in the lyrics of your favourite song while you listen to it
Wiki de Inglés del IES Antonio Gala Full of varied activities and contents. Discover it yourself.
Premier Skills English. Are you keen on football? If you are and you want to learn English this is your website!
University of Missouri
BBC - GCSE website
Free ebooks